“[…] The organ by which he learns is like an eye which cannot be turned from darkness to light unless the whole body is turned” (Plato, 2007:245)

The Allegory of the cave is a metaphor of the situation of the humans before knowledge. It basically is about a group of prisoners in a cave. They cannot look around so they can just see the background of the stay. Behind them there is a bonfire which lights up the cave and a road where people walk with different objects. The prisoners can only see the shadow of these objects. Projections which they confuse with reality.

Cave myth illustration

When one of the prisoners is free he realises that reality is other. But nevertheless, when he come back and tells the others what he saw they do not believe him.

In this way, there is a clear parallelism with “The Truman show” (Peter Weir, 1998). Here, the protagonist is in the same situation that the prisoner released. He lives in an idyllically city where it is always the same routine and all surrounding him is fake. Truman is an example of a person who live his life, reacting to what happen to him, instead of making the world react to him.

 “-Why do you think that Truman has never come close to discovering the true nature of his world until now?-

-We accept the reality of the world with which we are presented. It’s as simple as that.-“

Weir, Peter. 1998 "The Truman Show"

He tries to break the routine and leave the city but he finds that he is afraid of what he could run into. When he realises of the fake surrounding him he start to question everything but the fears he has about leave the city do not let him go on. These fears has been created by his environment, manipulating his subconscious, in order to keep him into the city. Once he overcomes his fear he is ready to discover the real world outside the city.

Weir, Peter. 1998 “The Truman Show”

Most people in this situation would chose the comfort of the reality rather than take a chance to break down the metaphorical wall of reality. People are too afraid to question reality, but fear is just an illusion. However, we should start to question if the world we know is real. The desinformation of the people make that superstructures of power can control part or whole live of people. Freedom of thought and physical freedom are the necessary tools to make it.


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Weir, Peter. 1998 “The Truman Show”



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