“Never again will the real has to be produced” (Jean Baudrillard, 1988:167)

Baudrillard thought the concept of simulacra is related with the fact that in the contemporary society we cannot talk living surrounded by reality, but a group of representations of reality.

Media makes that we do not ask for reality anymore but representations. Our relationship with technology, is the best example in order to explain this.

Nowadays it is very normal to have a romance, relationship or whatever via internet, like only chatting. Besides, there are people who prefer to have a virtual relationship. This is what Baudrillard call hyperreality, at present representations are more real than real is.

Jonze, Spike. 2013 “Her” 

In the film Her we can see how this topic is treated. The main character has a relationship with a Operative System based in artificial intelligence and this romance is more real for him than a one with a real person could be.

In the same way, “Black mirror” is a series which treats about technology and how social relationships change because of it. There is an episode where a woman lost her husband and she starts to chat with a virtual copy of him. When you watch it you think “I would never fall in anything like that and torture myself in that way” but if you think about it deeper, you will realise that this is not strange that people do it. I mean, after all it is possible to see the loved person again so you are satisfied with a copy, do not need real, hyperreal is enough.

Brooker, Charlie. 2011 “Black miror: Be right back”

Virtual people do not have a body in external reality. They are a simulated entity with an appropriated level of conscience. It is possible that a simulated entity could move outside the simulation through a sintetic body. As Asimo is.

In other way, how can we be sure we are not a simulated entity? “Cogito ergo sum” (René Descartes, 1637). The only thing one can be sure is the existence of his own mind. Nevertheless if a simulated entity were aware enough, couldn’t it think it is real too?


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Jonze, Spike. 2013 “Her”



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